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Patient Features


It is totally FREE!

You can schedule, cancel or check your appointments, 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

Manage your entire family's appointments.

247eAppointments provides an appointment list that is very easy to read and print.

You can schedule appointments from anywhere in the world.

Doctor Features


Attracts new patients and builds loyalty through customer service improvement.

It is intuitive: quick to learn and easy to use.

Eliminates Scheduling Errors.

Maximizes appointment efficiency and puts you in control of your scheduling- while boosting profitability.

As it is a rule based system, you can customize it to fit your unique needs.





HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is designed to protect a patient’s right to the privacy of their medical information.

Distribution of information to third parties: HIPAA does not regulate communications between a patient and his or her physician. Patients and doctors can communicate with each other by whatever reasonable means they choose. It is the access and distribution of information to third parties that concerns HIPAA. Since 247eAppointments.com is restricted to communication between the patient and his or her doctor 247eAppointments.com is totally HIPAA compliant. 247eAppointments.com does not and will never distribute information to any third party.

Encryption Technology: 247eAppointments.com subscribes to GeoTrust. As such, all messages sent through 247eAppointments.com website are encrypted. You can confirm this when you see the letters “https” (“s” stands for secure) in the URL box on the top of the page. You can also see the closed lock in the lower right hand corner on the bottom of your screen.

“I agree” statement: Before logging in to send any message, the patient must click on an “I agree” statement. 247eAppointments.com users must agree that they understand the privacy measures in place. Furthermore, as a prerequisite to using 247eAppointments.com, all users must agree to give the doctor and/or 247eappointments.com permission to reply via unencrypted e-mail. As an additional measure, the patient is warned that no information should be included in their message that may be of a very personal or confidential nature (such as pregnancy or HIV information).

Because it is the patient that initiates a 247eAppointments.com communication, the patient also provides consent for the “minimum necessary” use and disclosure of health information as regards their inquiry or request.

The above information is intended to serve as a brief overview of 247eAppointments.com’s compliance with HIPAA regulations. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.


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